Pokémon Violet
Hack of Pokémon Red
Console S/GB
Type of Hack New Adventure
Genre Standard Pokémon
Rating Everyone
Creator(s) Cartmic
Hack Status In Progress
Latest Update (Version) 2012
Website(s) Skeetendo Thread

Welcome to a parallel earth.

During the development of Pokemon Gold and Silver the Pokemon development team recieved fan mail from two children from the USA and UK respectivly. The fan mail included complete plans for games set in new Pokemon lands but based on a similar Pokemon set to the first games. After the successful release Pokemon Gold and Silver the gaming world was shocked with the release of two new SGB games marketing them as under a newly created Pokemon Classic brand. These games Pokemon Brown and Violet were released only to the North American and European markets with fan translations appearing many years later.

Basic PlotEdit

Professor Yew, brother of the renowned Crionion born geologist Dr. Moss, has been pulled away from Crion to the Island to study some new Pokemon specicies. Violet, set in Crion, the land north of Naljo, sees the young protagonist rebuilding the broken Pokemon database after a natural disaster devastated much of the land. With Yew's leave he has left Dr. Moss to deal with his Crionion affairs.



New FeaturesEdit

Features can go here.


This game is cannon with Pokemon Prism.



Pokemon Violet was one the earlier "new world hacks" from 2003, it was inspired by ER Translations Orange Island Adventures and the 2003 beta of Koolboyman's Pokemon Brown. This is just a little place hold thread more than anything, more will be added fairly soon.


-The trainer from the 2003 alpha version will make an appearance.

-A few old faces from over the past 9 years will pop up in various places, see if you can find them all! Added as a little gift for those who are still around from back then