Mateo is a Romhacker who concentrates on hacking Pokémon Gold and Silver. She has an interest in hacking Gen I, but aslo has some interest in continuing to Gen III after she finishes her Gen II hacks. She is probably best known for Pokémon Secrets and Rumours.


Mateo has been the co- or primary author on the following hacks:

Other ContributionsEdit


Mateo has authored the following hacking tools:

  • GSC Item Editor - Edits item properties.
  • Cry Editor GSC - Redundant, all functionality is included in Pokémon Editor Ultimate.
  • Pokémon Editor Ultimate - Edits Pokémon stats, Move/Evolution pointers, Cry data, Menu Sprites, Held Items, Egg Cycles, and Egg Groups.
  • Gen II "Trainer Script" Editor - Allows changing the BitNo, text pointers, script pointers, Trainer Group and Trainer Number of "normal" trainers. The ones PKSV won't load properly.

He has also translated the following tools from German to English:

  • AGIXP 4.11 - Mateo only translated this, she did not author it.


  • Also known by the username "Luna" on PHO.
  • The name "Mateo" was stolen from a character in the Orange Islands arc of the Pokémon Anime.
  • Mateo originally claimed to be male, because she assumed people would not take her seriously as a hacker if they knew she was a girl. She is surprised she fooled anyone though, as she says she is "not even a tomboy irl".