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The Johto Legacy is a series of Gen II Pokémon hacks created by Mateo, often with creative input and/or direct contributions from other members. Contributing members include (but are not limited to)


The Johto Legacy continues the story where Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal left off. They are set at the start of the new millennium - the same year that Gold, Silver, and Crystal take place - only later in the year, assuming those events happened during spring/summer. As such, these hacks feature familiar regions and familiar characters, but have many new events happening and differences in the Pokémon that are available. These hacks also feature entirely new areas to explore in the Johto and Kanto regions, along with areas that were added for HeartGold and SoulSilver and areas that were removed between Gen I and Gen II. While the hacks do feature a seasonal theme to tie events together, they are in no way intended to be a simple gimmick.


Hacks IncludedEdit

Currently, the Johto Legacy series includes:


Given the sequel nature of these hacks, it is implied that the events of Pokémon Red and Blue are canon, as well as the events of original Gold, Silver, and Crystal. In some cases, there are references to events exclusive Pokémon Secrets and Rumours (often abbreviated "SaR"). Given that SaR is largely a remake of Pokémon Red with added content, this can be taken to mean that these hacks view SaR and Pokémon Red as the same game.

In chronological order, the games would be:

There are also references to other regions from the official games made by various characters throughout the series, as well as to Pokémon that do not appear in the series that are native to other regions.


  • This series was created in part out of a desire for more direct sequels, since the official games broke that format beginning with Gen III.
  • This series ultimately grew out of a shoddy, gimmicky "Halloween Hack" posted on the old Skeetendo Proboards forum in 2010, that would later evolve into the (completely different) Pokémon Spirits and Legends.
  • Mateo has stated that Lyra is the character who completed the events during the summer, since both Gold and Crystal do not start their journeys until Winter in this cannon. He is also aware that this does not make as much sense as he would like for it to.
  • Several hackers who have contributed to the series appear in-game as NPCs, fittingly in the in-game Celadon Mansion.